About Us

Little Castle nursery was first established in January 2019 and OFSTED approved us to open on 4th March 2019.

Little Castle is a sister setting to Hellingly Preschool.  https://www.hellinglypreschool.co.uk/

These are both part of Hellingly Preschool LTD.

We provide a very high standard of childcare and education for children 1-5 years.  We also have a breakfast club, as well as emergency care for children up to 5 years old.  We are situated in a village hall, near Pevensey Castle.  


At Little Castle Nursery, we guarantee that you will find a very happy, safe and nurturing environment for your children.  Our highly trained practitioners only have the interests of the children at heart.  As parents ourselves, we understand and support the children and parents alike, as well as working as a great team to ensure consistency for the children.

Our "In the Moment Planning" provides the children with a learning environment that supports their interests as well as their "next steps" of development. 

Our practitioners will plant items, such as numbers and letters within the activities.  As the child plays, our practitioners will delicately be asking open ended questions to enhance their knowledge. 

Regular assessments will take place, which will identify any areas of the Early Years Foundation stage that a child may need support with, these will then become the focus for activities for the following period.


We ensure that all children make progress in all areas of development, every child is an individual.

We use visual cards to ensure consistency with behaviour and understanding.  However, we do believe that as our environment is a busy one, which provides opportunities for creativity and critical thinking, our children have minimal behaviour disruptions.

We offer settling in sessions and home visits prior to the child's start date, this enables positive relationships between, practitioners, children and parents, as well as giving the children short visits to acquaint themselves with the setting.

Upcoming Events:
Term 6 ends: Wednesday 21st July

Term 1 begins Monday 6th September